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Vandana ~ Sonic Exploration Society ~ Solo Bass Improvisations

Oct. 29, Concert U of I Krannert

Sonic Exploration Society (SES)

Manpreet Bedi ~ David Vayo ~ Bill Koehler ~ Bob McEntyre

SES (Pictured above) plays original compositions,  improvisations and arrangements that bridge Indian and Western musical cultures. Their extraordinary performances blend elements of jazz, Indian classical music and western contemporary concert music that is inspirational for both musicians and non-musicians alike.

SES began with a collaboration between Bill Koehler (double bassist) and Manpreet Bedi (tablist) in 2002 when they formed Vandana and recorded Journey2gether as a duo.

In 2009 the duo expanded to a quartet with the addition of
David Vayo (keyboards) and Bob McEntyre (drums) forming the Sonic Exploration Society. The virtuosity of all the musicians in astonishing whether performing as a duo, trio or quartet.


Bill Koehler ~ Manpreet Bedi

The duo collaboration of bassist Bill Koehler and Tablist Manpreet Bedi interests range from contemporary classical music, to jazz, to world music and the music of India, and to the fusion of eastern and western musical languages. The duo has grown out of a friendship and artistic relationship that started in 2000. As a result, they have developed a common musical language that allows for adventurous explorations in an array of tonalities and meters, as well as in open and fixed forms, as the structure of the compositions often dictate. The compositional structures of Western Contemporary Classical music and Jazz are combined with the improvisational and complex multi-metric rhythmic structures of Indian Classical music. In addition to being of great interest musically, this group travels easily. The duo can be enlarged to a trio or quartet with members of Sonic Exploration Society.



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“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”.
                                                                   --- Plato

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